Angels & Airwaves Begin Work On New Album

Fans of the Tom DeLonge-fronted Angels & Airwaves can rejoice. Word has come through that the band is well on its way in the pre-production stages for their next studio effort.

This will mark the fifth album from the band, and as the caption accompanying the picture explains, all of them have been thought up in that very chair. The last release from the band was Love II, the sequel to 2010’s Love. The new album will be the first time we hear from the band with their new drummer Ilan Rubin (Nine Inch Nails, Lostprophets).

Fans have every reason to be excited about the release, as when we’re talking Angels & Airwaves, there’s always more to the picture than we know. Described as “a multimedia project” rather than just a band, Angels & Airwaves have built more than a 6-year career of experimenting with music, visuals and even fan-artist interaction.

Though it’s a bit too early to suggest just what we can expect with the album, we do know that they have started working on a new band-project movie titled Strange Times, which will be the band’s third film after Start the Machine and Love.

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