Animal Collective Release Two New Tracks

But I thought they had broken up? Wrong!

Despite the blogosphere buzzing with speculation that loved-up psychedelic-pop trio Animal Collective had decided to take a breather, the band has returned with two new tracks titled Honeycomb and Gothem, which are currently streaming from Gorilla Vs Bear and will be featured on a soon-to-be released 7″ available on MP3 format.

The news on the release, albeit welcome, was fairly sudden following reports from the band that their touring schedule had become too laborious and a much-needed break was on the cards. However, in interviews with integral member Noah Lennox aka The Panda Bear in 2012 on BBC 6 Music, Lennox would neither confirm nor deny the band would be breaking up, stating that: “There have been times in the past when I’ve thought we were done. So I don’t know, this could be it. I don’t expect it to be, I should say, but you never know.”

Though it’s safe to say that the ever-changing beast known as AnCo is back, for the near future at least.

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