Annandale Hotel Offering Beer Reward to Identify Vandals

The above image is taken from a security camera at one of Sydney’s most beloved live music venues, the Annandale Hotel. The footage was captured this morning as two trespassers broke into the Annandale. Once illegally inside the premises, the two unidentified vandals proceded to damage a till valued at $5000. Then in a stroke of genius the young master criminals decided to pour themselves a couple of well-earned Brewskis and show their faces to the camera.

Now the Annandale hotel is on a man-hunt via Facebook and is asking anyone who can identify the guilty duo to NAME & SHAME them. The historic venue is even putting a case of beer up for grabs for whoever successfully leads The Rule Brothers to the soon-to-be infamous bandits.

If you have any info or wish to help out by sharing the image, head over to the Annandale Hotel’s Facebook page

Read: Message from The Rule Brothers

These two geniuses broke into the hotel this morning. Managed to break our till valued at 5K. Fortunately they were dumb enough to hang around for a few beers and smile to the cameras. First loyal punter to name and shame these clowns scores a slab of beer on the house. Don’t recognize these mugs? Do us a favour and share this post on your page. Thanks in advance for your support. Lots of love, The Rule Brothers.

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