Annandale Hotel Presents: Screw Theatre, Theatre In The Pub

On February 17th Annandale Hotel owners, the Rule Brothers, will be able to sit back and enjoy the Opening Night of ‘Screw Theatre’, a Theatre Company dedicated to supporting the Theatre in the Pub idea, moreso popular in the UK.

When we asked creator Brad Jelfs, What is Screw Theatre?, his answer was this:

‘Screw theatre is sticking your unprotected hand blindly into a needle disposal bin, just because you can. Because you are assured of short, sharp punctures, the uncertainty of infection or, at the very least, some sort of transient respite from your ordinary life. Screw theatre is the piercing, twisted lucky dip for a debilitating existence’.

Every second Tuesday, at The Annandale Hotel, you will see two new plays, with different actors on the main band stage in the pub.

Opening Night will see Brad Jelfs play ‘tonight’s performance cancelled; due to a drama…’ – Three seagulls wing their flights through skies above a park in Sydney, a roadside beach and a lake in Russia. Who or what caused their deaths? Can a seagull’s death abstract the performance of a great drama? Is ‘the great drama’ naught without a perceived flight of fancy? This skewed play dismantles theatrical conventions; ensuring no direction is certain and flight is not an option.

Curious? A little intrigued? Theatre lover?

Get down to The Annandale Hotel, February 17th Tuesday to be a part of Theatre in the Pub, ‘Screw Theatre’.

Doors @ 7.30pm | $10 entry

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