Anyone can make money promoting music

When was the last time you made money going to a gig? For those of us who aren’t drug dealers or filthy journalists who fob off their plus-ones to desperate fans at inflated prices, it probably wasn’t recently. Well Posse are trying to change that.

A new company that offers fans the chance to earn money by getting a commission of ticket sales from recommending shows to friends via Facebook, MySpace or their own blogs, Posse is unique in its fan based approach to promotions. It might sound like a hassle, but think about it, how often do you buy tickets based on a friend’s suggestion and vice versa?

Not only are you helping promote bands you like, but you’re also earning money. Win win. With agreements with major retailers such as Oztix and Moshtix, Posse covers a wide range of shows, from big name internationals to local acts.

It works thusly:

1. Sign up to Posse (for free – and you can even do so through your Facebook account to make it easier!)

2. Add your favorite artists to your profile.

3. Add the Facebook and MySpace apps, or publish your RSS feed or Their HTML widget on your website, blog or anywhere else your friends visit online.

4. Your unique link for promoting events, CDs and downloads then gets broadcast to all your friends. This link will take them directly to the official ticket retailer (for example, Ticketmaster) and you earn a commission if they buy something!

(Posse’s research whizzes have found that the most effective way to promote music is through Facebook or MySpace via the apps, which can accessed from your profile page.)

Anyway for more information check out, but if you’re passionate about live music and could use a bit of extra dosh this is pretty much perfect.

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