Apparently Britain’s New PM Theresa May Is Responsible For Banning Tyler, The Creator From The UK

Tyler, the Creator took some time out from his inaugural Golfwang fashion show recently to share a new song called Ego, referencing his UK visa problems. Not only that though he also took the opportunity to call out the former UK Home Secretary and newly named British Prime Minister Theresa May, reportedly the person responsible for banning him in the first place.

“Tell Theresa May to let me in,” he said in the song, going to on to remind everyone that he’s not a criminal and that this ban on him “for unacceptable behaviour by making statements that may foster hatred, which might lead to inter-community violence in the UK” is likely based on “the color of my skin.”

Theresa May was of course the Home Secretary at the time when Tyler was banned from the country, the artist being denied entry into the country for 3-5 years for some of his lyrics that the UK home office and some concerned citizens decided promoted rape, abuse and more. At the time, Tyler’s manager Christian Clancy noted that they learned the news via “a letter from the secretary of state for the home department of the United Kingdom,” aka Theresa May.

Reading from the letter in an interview later that year, Tyler revealed it was specifically his “albums Bastard, in 2009, and Goblin, in 2011,” which saw him banned, the home office arguing they “are based on the premise of your adopting a mentally unstable alter ego who describes violent physical abuse, rape and murder in graphic terms which appears to glamourise this behaviour.”

Tyler responded with a characteristically clam and reasoned argument.

“This is only gonna open a door for other people to get banned. And then they’re gonna go after video games, and then they’re gonna go after movies, and we’re gonna live in such a sensitive world. It’s like the world is scared of everything. I feel like everyone is so sensitive to everything, and if they don’t like something it’s like: ‘Oh my God, I don’t like the colour yellow – let’s get yellow banned from every country, let’s sign a petition – let’s start a hashtag to make sure this colour is never seen, because I don’t like it and I don’t understand it’.”

It’s not the first time either that Tyler, The Creator has drawn on his visa issues as inspiration for new songs, having referenced his trials with our Australian government in a song titled Fuck It, after a successful petition to deny the rapper an Aussie visa over his homophobic and misogynistic lyrics, gathered close to 2000 names,.

Check out Ego for yourself here below.

Listen: Tyler, The CreatorEgo

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