Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders Says Songs Like ‘R U Mine?’ Are A Thing Of The Past

Arctic Monkeys‘ Matt Helders joined drummer Mike Dolbear on the DrumathonLIVE livestream over the weekend. Helders spoke about the Arctic Monkeys’ upcoming return to touring and the anticipated follow-up to 2018’s Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

Regarding the to-be-announced new album, Helders said it “kind of picks up where the other one left off, musically,” referring to the more urbane, less rambunctious sound of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

He noted that “it’s never gonna be like ‘R U Mine?’ and all that stuff again – you know, like the heavy riffs and stuff,” but also said “there are like riffs in there and [it’s] a bit more up-tempo.”

Helders acknowledged a significant change in his perspective that has contributed to the Arctic Monkeys’ stylistic evolution. “I used to put a lot of focus on it needs be loud and fast and impressive all the time,” he said.

Arctic Monkeys will kick off a world tour in August; their first live shows since 2019. Dolbear asked Helders how he copes, mentally and physically, with the touring lifestyle.

“It’s an hard thing to complain about – no one wants to hear it,” Helders said. “But it is tiring and you miss people or miss a certain routine. But I think the mental side of it, you can quickly get in a rut, especially if you are going out after every night and then waking up and trying to repair the damage. I’ve definitely been there and that can get a bit heavy sometimes.”

Helders added that he’s “definitely got a more optimistic outlook on life,” but that “you have to definitely check in on each other when we’re on tour.” Watch the interview at the 45 minute mark in the video on Dolbear’s Instagram.

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