Are Black Veil Brides Breaking Up?

Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack has responded to claims that the band will break up following their stint at the final ever US Vans Warped Tour.

News of BVB’s impending breakup came from the lips of bassist Ashley Purdy, who told Another FN Podcast that the forthcoming Warped dates would represent “the last time” that fans would be able to see the band live.

“We are going to do eight dates through the southern California area,” the slapper told the podcasters in the since-deleted podcast ep. “That is where you are going to see Black Veil Brides for the last time ever in your entire lives. So, you better fucking go, because that’s gonna be it.”

Now, speaking with Alt Press, frontman Andy Biersack has denied that BVB is headed for splitsville.

“This is the first I’ve heard of any ‘break up.’ As far as I know, there are no plans to end the band after Warped. Or, at least if there were, I was not made aware of them,” Biersack says.

“We are in the early stages of work on a big 10 year retrospective release. And my personal focus as it relates to BVB are on that and these upcoming Warped Tour shows.”

The frontman continues: “I would also like to add that any additional musical projects from any of the members of BVB will always be encouraged and while I was aware that there was interest in starting something new from some of the members — similar to my Andy Black side project or Jake’s band, Aelonia — I was unaware that there was a plan to end the band entirely and therefore I can’t comment on it.”

So… they’re not breaking up? Was Purdy just trolling? And a retrospective release may or may not be coming?

We are very confused.

We’ll bring you any more info as we get it.


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