Artist Behind Melbourne’s ‘RIP Taylor Swift’ Mural Has Instagram Account Mysteriously Deleted

Strap on your tinfoil hats because we could have a good ol’ fashioned conspiracy on our hands.

Lushsux – the street artist behind THAT Taylor Swift mural – has had their entire Instagram account deleted and is now crying fkn foul.

They’ve voiced suspicions to The Vine that Tay-Tay’s people could be behind the move, on account of the faux Melbourne memorial racking up so much publicity.

“It may be Taylor Swift’s sweet revenge for the murals that got very viral last week,” the artist hypothesised.

After causing an in initial splash, the painting continued to make headlines after it was painted over with a SpongeGar meme and then an image of Kanye West.

However, another possibility is that US democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could be responsible for the Insta-censorship, after she became the target of the artist’s latest controversial piece.

“I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but the timing of the Hillary[Clinton] mural and my account deletion is very suspect,” said Lushsux. “Facebook/Instagram are clearly biased towards her campaign. I’ve posted multiple trump[Donald Trump] Murals with no issue.”

Regardless of who is responsible for masterminding the deletion, it seems like their efforts were largely in vain.

Lushsux has already opened another Instagram account, re-posted the controversial artwork, and is gaining followers fast.

Your move, Tay/Hillary/Instagram Illuminati.

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