A$AP Rocky Cuts Gig Well Short After Someone Nicks His Hat

You’d reckon a man in A$AP Rocky’s position wouldn’t think twice about a stolen hat, but you’d be wrong – dude’s cut a performance very short after a member of the crowd lifted his cap and refused to turn themselves in. After waiting patiently on stage for two minutes, Rocky and his crew simply walked off stage and never looked back.

Someone present at the performance, which took place in Dortmund, Germany on Tuesday, caught the whole thing on video (below). At about the 0:51 mark, you can see the rising star of hip hop take centre stage and inform the crowd, “I came to party with y’all. Who took my shit, man? Give me my hat so I can go… That’s a one-of-a-kind hat!”

He paces the stage with a hint of fear in his voice, presumably worried his unique headgear would never be recovered, but the valiant rapper presses on. “Don’t try and creep to the back. Who got my shit, man? We ain’t gonna fuck you up, just give my shit back!” he says, as the crowd give each other befuddled looks.

Finally he gives up: “Germany, it’s been good. Thank you; I’m out this bitch. Peace!”

Under The Gun make the valid point that Rocky did recently sign a $3 million deal with Sony, RCA Records, and Polo Grounds Music, though this may be less about the money and more about the principle. The “my hat” principle. One we all should live by.

That said, a man who truly lives by this honour code might have thought twice about turning up late to the gig in the first place. A man who lived by the “my hat” mantra may have apologised for the truncated songs and abundance of playback that reportedly plagued what little of the set there was.

Think there’s a reason someone nicked your stuff, Mr Rocky?

Those in attendance at any future performances from Rocky, or those of other A$AP Mob members for that matter, now have a clear message: if you steal the talent’s shit, they’re gonna take their one-of-a-kind bat and ball and go home.

Watch: A$AP Rocky storms off stage after hat gets stolen

(Via Under The Gun)

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