Asking Alexandria Have Already Recorded “Amazing” New Music With OG Frontman Danny Worsnop

It’s only been a matter of days since we found out that Asking Alexandra had hooked back up with their old flame Danny Worsnop, but turns out they’d been getting it on behind the scenes long before the whole thing became Facebook official.

Metalcore identity Matt Good, who plays in a band with Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce (called Kill It With Fire FYI), has casually tweeted the huge revelation that he’s been busy mixing an “amazing” new AA tune featuring the band’s OG frontman back on vox.

“Mixing an amazing new asking Alexandria song at the moment featuring the return of Danny, who absolutely crushed the vocals,” Good writes. “Damn damn.”



It comes after Asking Alexandria’s rebound vocalist Denis Stoff broke his silence following his somewhat controversh exit from the band.

Old mate reckons there was “no drama” about the split, and that he left AA for “personal reasons”.

Either way, Asking Alexandria are — as they’ve told us — “Back to the way we started with the original fucking members”. And from the sounds of things, they’ll be hitting us with new music even sooner than we thought.

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