Asking Alexandria Member Repays Muso Who Was Ripped Off By The Band’s Former Vocalist Denis Stoff

As the dust settles around the drama that was the split between Asking Alexandria and their one-time vocalist Denis Stoff, a fan and fellow musician has come forward to reveal a surprising good-guy move from Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce.

Those following the drama will recall that Stoff reportedly accepted an offer to provide guest vocals for an upcoming artist, for the reasonable fee of $500. Once paid, Stoff supposedly went AWOL and never followed through with his commitments.

The muso at the centre of it all, Maxime Solemn, has since updated his story. According to Solemn, founding member of Asking Alexandria Ben Bruce reached out to him directly, informing him that he would be covering Stoff’s debt, in full. As Solemn explains, he naturally lost his cool.

“I was legitimately fangirling,” Solemn told YouTuber Brian Storm in a video interview (below) after receiving payment from Bruce.

“I even lost my cool on Twitter; we were private messaging and I was like ‘What, this is happening?’ I said I would check [Asking Alexandria] out in Belgium again this February and [Bruce] said ‘Yeah, we can have a drink’ and I was like ‘What!?'”

What’s more, this is something that Bruce didn’t even need to do. The debt with Stoff wasn’t connected to his work with Asking Alexandria, but more so with him as a free agent. Clearly, Bruce is interested in keeping balance in the universe.

Asking Alexandria dropped Stoff to replace him with their original singer Danny Worsnop, a move met with thunderous approval from fans. Worsnop has since proved his mettle, again, having jumped straight on tour with the band and already recording new material with them.

You can check out the new interview with Solemn below, which includes a handy play-by-play of events leading up to it.

Watch: Ben Bruce Helps Fan Scammed By Ex Asking Alexandria Vocalist Denis Stoff

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