‘Atmosphere’ From The Stone Roses’ Manchester Concert For Sale On EBay

Here’s one to file under the ‘WTF?’ and ‘Desperate Cash In’ categories: someone has put a small container of ‘captured atmosphere’ from one of The Stone Roses‘ comeback shows in Manchester up for sale on eBay.

According to the listing, the ‘capsule of atmosphere’ was collected from the crowd between performances of This Is The One and She Bangs The Drums. during the band’s first show at Heaton Park.

“The atmosphere was collected at around 10pm on the opening night, and is sealed in an airtight container,” confirms the seller, who goes under the name of thepotman0161. “This is (as far as I know) the ONLY example of ‘captured atmosphere’ in existence.”

However, local fans will be disappointed to know the capsule is unavailable to overseas customers. “With regret…the atmosphere is too potentially hazardous to be posted abroad. The seller said if sent overseas, the capsule “might cause security/health and safety issues being carried in a pressurised aircraft environment”, due to “the totally electrified and awesome atmosphere in the container.”

NME reports the price of the item is currently £8.50 – with an additional £2.50 for “economy delivery”. There are three days of bidding left for the item.

Local fans might be able to collect their own bit of The Stone Roses atmosphere if they can wait till next year – rumours are swirling that the band will come to Australia to headline the 2013 Future Music Festival.

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