ATTN Poké Trainers: There’s A Pokémon Go Event At The Sydney Opera House Next Week

The Sydney Opera House will become a playground for budding Pokémon Go trainers next week as they’re actually putting on an official event.

Sydney’s most iconic venue which has played host to some of the greatest performers of all time, both musical and otherwise, will hold an event next Monday for two hours to lure Poké trainers into the forecourt.

“Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was,” the official event asks to which the answer is an obvious yes.

“The PokéStops around the Opera House will have lures on them to attract as many Pokémon as possible and we’re inviting YOU to catch them all,” it further reads.

“Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the game servers will stay alive, but we will continue to try to put lures out for this entire two-hour period.”

You really could not ask for anything more of a Monday afternoon – a view of the harbour, hundreds of fellow Poké trainers and more lures than you can poke a stick at.

This is official confirmation that Pokémon Go is taking over and if you’re not on board with it then at least you’ve got a two hour window of opportunity on Monday to avoid all players if you also stay away from the Opera House.

If you are into it then make sure you come with a battery full of charge and a healthy stock of Poké balls. Meet at 12pm on Monday, 18th July at the Sydney Opera House.

Check out the Facebook event here.

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