‘Auctioneer Beats’ Is The Ultimate Mashup Of Beats And, Well, Auctioneers

Imagine quick-talking American livestock auctioneers galloping through line after line of descriptions and prices while hip hop rhythms play in time in the background. Okay now stop imagining and check out the work of Vine user Auctioneer Beats.

Auctioneer Beats has been “bringing the heat to the auction” with their six-second vines over the last three weeks, and they’re finally getting the attention they deserve for their genius creations.

Essentially, Auctioneer Beats is pairing footage of quick-lipped auctioneer bros with the beats from songs by the likes of Schoolboy Q, J. Cole and Induction Effect.

Catch a string of our favourite Auctioneer Beats posts below, and make sure to un-mute the first Vine to get the glorious soundtracks in each video.

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