Aussie Acts Pay Tribute To Tony Sly On Benefit Album

A whole heap of Australian bands have paid homage to former No Use For A Name frontman Tony Sly with an acoustic tribute album titled When It Ends It Begins With You. The album contains 20 covers of Sly tunes with all proceeds going towards The Tony Sly Memorial Fund, which aims to support Sly’s two surviving daughters.

When It Ends It Begins With You contains local acts such as Blindspot, No Further Questions, Doctor Fungi and Discordians covering N.U.F.A.N classics Coming Too Close, International You Day, Invincible and On The Outside respectively.

Like many punk releases, the charm is in the rough edges and When It Ends It Begins With You has plenty of under-produced, out-of- tune ballads that will win you over with their effort and enthusiasm. Besides, the album only costs $5 and the money is going to a most worthy cause.

Sly sadly passed away last July, leaving behind family, friends and a legion of fans. A few months after his passing, No Use For A Name played their final show, with bassist Matt Riddle informing the Canadian audience that, “No-one wants to do this without Tony.”

You can stream and purchase When It Ends It Begins With You at the Tony Sly Tribute Bandcamp.

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