Aussie Daft Punk Tribute Band Wants To Play At Your Venue

A blessing in disguise has come for all the die-hard Daft Punk fans out there. Tired of waiting for a tour announcement from the French duo and whinging about it? Well, why not just make it easier on everyone and settle for Discovery, Australia’s very own French duo?

Well, they aren’t actually French, but with those helmets on how can we even tell? Located in Sydney (but willing to travel) Discovery, by name and nature, offer a pretty straight-up Daft Punk experience: with jumpsuits ‘n’ shit. And while it may not be the real thing, the next best option isn’t always so bad. Like sleeping on the couch…

And let’s face it, there’s no way we’d even know if they did organise a switcheroo, those little spacemen sitting atop a crazy pyramid thing could be anyone.

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