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An Aussie DJ Wants To Be The First To Perform In Space

Written by Sam Murphy on January 9, 2017

An Aussie DJ is planning on taking his music into the sky, literally.

Perth DJ Richard Sacilotto, who goes by the name Beyond Tha Noize, wants to take his DJing to the next level and that is, obviously, into outer space.

He’s started a GoFundMe page, asking people to fun his trip into space which is only going to cost him a cool $343,700.

“This idea has been floating around for years and now it’s the time to take action and with your help we are going to make this become reality,” he wrote on the page.

“The Cost of the flight with Virgin Galactic is US$250,000. When you look at the power of the Internet and the size of the population of the world we live in today with everyone’s contribution we can all hit this target. I will also be seeking major sponsorship to the contribution of this mission.”

His optimism is inspiring and he’s already clocked up $1,000 which is a pretty good start.

There will be a documentary about the whole thing if it happens and it will also be live streamed which is presumably something that the specifics of are yet to be sorted out.

“TOGETHER WE CAN TURN THE IMPOSSIBLE INTO REALITY,” is his motto for the trip and we’re feeling just as amped about is as he is.

Watch: DJ In Outer Space

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