Aussie Fan Threatens Little Mix: “If You Don’t Follow Me I’m Gonna Drink Bleach!”

If you’re currently unaware of who Little Mix might be, you’re in the right place. Think One Direction but all female (like real females): stacks of corporate backing, manufactured, and with very little talent, but they will probably be international super stars very soon, regardless.

The group have only 1 degree of separation from peers One Direction given that Little Mix member Perrie Edwards is currently dating One Directioner Zayn Malik. That said, the outfit are probably very familiar with how crazy fans can be, just to get that little bit closer to 1D, but while in Australia recently, something got them by surprise.

It’s such an awful sign of the times, and is enough to make you feel embarrassed that we belong to this culture, but a very misguided fan has threatened to kill herself should the group not follow her on Twitter. According to member Jesy Nelson, speaking to NineMSN, “One of the [fans] went, ‘please follow me! If you don’t follow me I’m gonna drink bleach!’.”

That really goes to show just how unhealthy this new wave of boy/girl bands has become. Rather than facilitating talent, their people are now responsible for cultivating obsession, addiction, and the ideas of debasing oneself to get closer to it.

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