Aussies Are Watching More Live Music Than Live Sport

New research has found Australians are making more of an effort to catch live music performances than live professional sporting events. A study by Roy Morgan Research has found that one in eight Aussies aged 14+ — that’s 12% of the entire population — attend at least one live music event every three months, while only 11% go to a professional sporting event in the same time frame.

Live music wins by a very small margin, but it’s a win nonetheless. Even as a sports-loving nation, Australia continues to embrace live music. And why wouldn’t we, with some of the world’s most influential music festivals and global industry-leading live music reforms?

Australia’s young and high-earning urbanites, affectionately known as metrotechs, are the most likely to have gone to a gig recently, with 21% of them doing so regularly. Roughly 10% of Australian families, those in their ‘golden years’, and people who are just getting by, are catching a show every three months.

The study revealed that rock and pop concerts are almost 2.5 times as popular as jazz, blues and classical music performances, with only 10% of people attending both rock or pop concerts and less popular art music gigs. Who goes to see the most art music? Yep, those metrotechs again.

Not surprisingly, people who attend jazz, blues or classical concerts were found to be 71% more likely to drink wine with their meals, 60% more likely to believe they’re “intellectual” and 40% more likely to tell people they try to buy organic food. Guess it just goes with the territory.

Somewhat surprisingly, rock and pop concert-goers were found to be 20% more likely to consider obedience and respect for authority as important values for children to be taught. Not so rock’n’roll, then.

The study didn’t look into whether or not punters watch more live sport when there’s also live music involved. We think it’s safe to say that they’re not, though (we’re looking at you, Slash).

So pat yourselves on the back, Australia — you’re reshaping our cultural landscape without even realising it, and enjoying yourselves while you’re at it. Now, maybe some parades for our best-performing Aussie musos, rather than our victorious sports stars, are in order.

Photos: Hilltop Hoods, Thundamentals & K21 @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, 24/10/14 — Photos by Liam Cameron

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