Austin Carlile Has Been Working On New Music & He’s Just Shared A Snippet From Hospital

To say Austin Carlile has been through the ringer with his health lately would be a massive understatement. But there’s some heartening news for fans of the former Of Mice & Men frontman.

During his latest health update following a scary trip to the ER for emergency spinal surgery in Costa Rica, the Marfan Syndrome-stricken metalcore champ has revealed that A) he’s making progress with his “tough” health struggles and B) he’s also been working on new music (!!!)

In a candid stream of tweets, Carlile told fans: “It’s been a while, but here I am. Week 3 in hospitals, flew from Costa Rica last week back to CA to be w/ my specialists here… progress…

“To find out what exactly was going on… Has been tough… but I am tougher,” he added.

Switching to the subject of music, he went on: “This is the longest I’ve gone in 10 years w/out playing music/touring. The wound stays fresh, a massive piece of me ripped away & missing..But honestly the part I’ve missed the most is YOU. My dream/journey wouldn’t have been possible w/out all of you in the first place x

“I HAVE been working on new music though… one of the only things that has kept me sane…” he added, posting a video of a short instrumental snippet of fresh material that’s since racked up almost 3K likes:

And his former OM&M bandmate Shayley Bourget (now in Dayshell) was among those who reacted positively to the news:

It comes after Carlile made a tearful public speech about his ordeals living with Marfan Syndrome.

Back in April, the inspirational muso shared the gory details of his intensive three-month spinal treatment with fans, and promised that he’d be returning to music in the American summer.

Fingers crossed all goes well with his rehab and we’ll be seeing him back on stage again soon!

Read Carlile’s full stream of tweets below.



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