Australia Is Copping It Over That Eurovision Streaker Who ISN’T EVEN AUSSIE

Poor Australia — we just wanted to compete in Eurovision like any other European nation, but someone’s gone and spoiled our fun by streaking at this year’s competition while draped in an Aussie flag, and now we’re copping it online even though HE ISN’T EVEN AUSSIE.

ICYMI: Serial Ukrainian prankster Vitalii Sediuk is now facing possible prison time after climbing onto the stage during a Eurovision performance by Ukrainian singer Jamala at the weekend, during which he briefly dropped his daks.

Footage of the moment certainly makes it seem like he’s just a cheeky Aussie bloke who’s keen on causing trouble…

…but his Aussie-branded booty-shake has landed Australia in a bit of hot water:

Thankfully, it wasn’t too long until word started to spread about the reality of the situation…

…but it was too late, really. The damage had been done.

Now that Eurovision 2017 has come and gone — with European nation Australia placing ninth — people are already looking ahead to next year, as Australia considers who it’ll send to next year’s competition (and no, it’s definitely not going to be the streaker guy).

Here are some early suggestions from people on the interwebs:

Until next year, Europe.

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