Australian Live Music Subscription Service, GiggedIn Infinite, Launches In Sydney

Crowdsourcing and ticketing company GiggedIn have just launched a live music subscription service named GiggedIn Infinite giving users ‘unlimited access’ to live music events for a monthly fee.

So far only operating in Sydney, the service will allow users to attend any show offered by the service via online RSVP. Allowing you the chance to get a month’s worth of live music for $35 per month, which is likely be the price of any one of the shows on offer, the service is sure to be an enticing option for live music lovers.

Having recently partnered with the likes of British India, Bag Raiders and Yolanda Be Cool, the service is dedicated to bringing its users the very best in new music. And while you will have to sign-up to the 7 day free trial to have a look at what is coming up, shows by Apparat and I Know Leopard are amongst those being offered to users this week.

But how does it all work? Well there is a simple three step system to follow.

First you have to sign up to Browse (step 1 hence the capitalisation), with the list of upcoming events only available once you’ve joined, although as they offer a free 7 day trial you won’t have to pay a cent until 7 days after you RSVP to your first show, which is when the trial starts.

So if you sign up, have a look around and decide the service isn’t for you, no worries you never get charged. If you do sign up though you will want to be checking the site pretty regularly as the “earliest shows are made available to our subscribers is 2 days before the actual event date, at 12pm.” Still with the site promising that “access to sold out festivals and high profile arena shows will be available every now and then” a daily check in can be more than worth your while.

So now you’ve had a Browse, let us move on to Step 2, RSVPing. Now while you might think this is simple, e.g. you RSVP to the events you want to attend, there are a few caveats worth noting. Firstly you can only RSVP to one show at a time, which resets after you attend the show you RSVP’d to or you cancel your RSVP. So if you’ve clicked RSVP to a show, but another you’d rather attend pops up, you can just cancel your existing RSVP (up until 5pm on the day of the event) so you can RSVP to the other show.

Be careful though as allocations are limited, especially for high profile shows, with RSVPs given out on a first in best dressed system. Don’t even think about not turning up to a show you RSVP’d to though, as doing so will see your account locked out for 48hrs.

Now on to the good part, Step 3, Rock Up. Now this is 2015 so of course you won’t be getting an actual ticket to the show, but rather you’ll be emailed a unique code upon RSVPing, which along with your ID will grant you entrance to the show. Viola, it’s that easy.

Currently only available in Sydney, but with plans to expand to other Australian capital cities soon, the service is also offering a premium tier at $65 a month called GiggedIn Infinite + 1, which grants you a plus one for any shows you want to attend.

Read more about it at the GiggedIn Infinite website.

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