Royal Australian Mint Announces AC/DC Coins For Band’s 45th Anniversary

AC/DC can now add ‘legal tender’ to their long list of achievements, after The Royal Australian Mint today announced two new commemorative coins in celebration of the band’s 45th anniversary.

The new coinage has been created in the spirit of the band’s hit single ‘Thunderstruck’, and some of them have actually been struck by 3,500,000 volts of artificial lightning.

There’s a new 50 cent coin available, as well as a black, nickel-plated five dollar coin, which has been made in a triangular shape in order to resemble a guitar pick.

View photos of the new coins, below.

The Mint partnered with Canberra’s Questacon National Science & Technology Centre to shock 10 of the 30,000 50 cent pieces with lightning from a Tesla coil.

The 10 coins — which also have “unique frosting” on their AC/DC logos — will be randomly sent to 10 customers who order their coin(s) through the Mint’s official website.

“The Mint thought that such an iconic band deserved high voltage coins and an electrifying launch to match,” says Royal Australian Mint CEO Ross MacDiarmid.

“We weren’t sure what effect the lightning would have on the coins, but we discovered that because the coins are such excellent conductors of electricity, the lightning’s mark is only visible under magnification.”

AC/DC also featured on a series of stamps earlier this year, which raised eyebrows with some hardcore fans who believed Australia Post had made an error with some of the stamps.

Gallery: Royal Australian Mint AC/DC Coins (2018)

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