The Avalanches Spark Treasure Hunt After Posting Cryptic GPS Coordinates On Facebook

The Avalanches have sent fans running for their maps after posting a set of mysterious GPS coordinates on their official Facebook page.

As well as a series of numbers, their post also includes a pic of a concert ticket sporting the band’s golden butterfly logo, alongside the hashtag “#avalanchesgold”.

When questioned about what it all means, a rep for the Melbourne band tells Music Feeds that “it’s all very mysterious”, but we understand that the electrolords have hidden some kind of prize package — which contains a ticket to their Falls Festival sideshow in Sydney, plus possibly other goodies — at a secret location in Sydney city.


One fan commenting on the band’s post reports that the GPS co-ords turned up a location at “Since I Left You bar on Kent Street” while another reported that they put him “nextdoor at Nandos”.

Have a gander at the post — and get treasure hunting for yourself — below, while you can catch all the details about The Avalanches’ Falls sideshows right here.

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