Avenged Sevenfold Call Out Former Label For “Childish” Decision To Release ‘Best Of’ Album

The fallout from Avenged Sevenfold‘s departure from former label Warner continues, with the band’s frontman M. Shadows not holding back in a scathing assessment of the label in a new interview with Florida’s WJRR FM.

A7X departed from the label in less-than-cordial circumstances earlier this year, before dropping a surprise new album The Stage last month.

Warner responded by announcing that they’d be suing the band for supposedly leaving before the completion of their contract, and then announced they would release a Best Of 2005-2013 Avenged Sevenfold compilation without the consent of the band.

In the WJRR interview, M. Shadows confirmed that the group weren’t involved in the ‘Best Of’ release, labelling the move by Warner “childish on a whole new level”, and a deliberate attempt to confuse fans who wanted to buy their record The Stage.

“No, we’re not promoting [the ‘best of’ record] at all,” said Shadows. “That has nothing to do with us. They, basically, saw the date that Chris (Jericho) put up, and, from what we understand, they are trying to undercut our new record, so they were trying to put it out the week before.

“You’re gonna try to put this record out right before our new record just to undercut us and try to confuse the casual fan, like, ‘Is this the new record? Or is that the new record?’ Or parents buying stuff for Christmas. So it’s just really childish.”

Avenged Sevenfold notified Warner in 2015 that they would not be seeing out the remainder of their contract, citing the California law which limits the duration of personal-services agreements to seven years.

You can listen to M. Shadows’ full interview, below.

Listen: M. Shadows Interview On WJRR

Watch: Avenged Sevenfold – ‘The Stage’

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