Avicii’s Forum Post From Seven Years Ago Will Inspire You

The Beatles have no future in show business,” a young band from Liverpool was told by Decca Records in 1962. JK Rowling was rejected by a dozen publishers, Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school basketball team, and Avicii was once struggling to get anyone to listen to his tunes.

As WhiteRaverRafting reports, before Avicii was a chart-topping EDM force and the target of much scorn by detractors claiming he is single-handedly destroying music, Avicii was just a screen name on the Scandinavian producer forum, failing to get anyone’s attention.

A translation from Swedish to English reveals a then 17-year-old Tim Bergling, under the name Timberman, posted a link to his MySpace page, asking politely for anyone to check out his tunes and offer feedback. After receiving no response, he bumped the thread with a “No? :(” to no avail.

So remember kids, just because no one’s digging your steez now, doesn’t mean you won’t one day be nabbing Grammy nominations, number one singles, headlining prestigious music festivals around the world, and purchasing opulent $15-million homes in California. Just keep your heads up.

Avicii’s 2007 Forum Post


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Photos by Rebecca Reid

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