Axl Rose In Talks To Write Music With AC/DC, Working On New Guns N’ Roses Material

Guns N’ Roses frontman and current AC/DC vocalist Axl Rose has revealed that he is “in talks” to write new music with Acca Dacca and is currently working on new stuff under the GNR banner.

During a Q&A session in London on Tuesday — which Rose was reportedly half an hour late for, because of course he was — the rocker told fans that he and AC/DC guitarist Angus Young are tossing around the idea of writing new music together.

“Angus and I are talking about working together,” Axl said, adding that he feels he and Young have a good chemistry. Rose’s comments come after Young revealed in May that Axl has been asking AC/DC if he can keep doing more shows with the band.

During his Q&A, Rose also told fans he is working on new Guns N’ Roses music which has already gotten the thumbs up from his band mates Duff McKagan and Slash.

“I played some stuff for Slash and Duff [McKagan] and they liked it, and they might be on it, we don’t know,” he said.

Rumours of a Guns N’ Roses Australian tour in January 2017 are currently floating around, so if those rumours are true it looks like the band could be rockin’ some new tunes the next time they make their way down under.

In the Q&A, Rose also said he has no plans for a solo album “unless it was an instrumental soundtrack or something”, and explained he has long been interested in working on film soundtracks. “I was more interested in that than staying in Guns N’ Roses,” he said.

Elsewhere in the Q&A, which can be streamed below, Rose discusses why he’s working with a vocal coach again, the impact of YouTube on the music business, why he thinks Slash fabricated some details in his book and if he himself will end up writing his own book.

Listen: Axl Rose – London Fan Q&A (China Exchange, 07/06/16)

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