Bad Religion New Album in 2012

Punk Rock legends Bad Religion will prepare to go in the studio at the end of their tour schedule in summer/autumn (Australian winter/spring) to release what could possibly be their last album.

In an interview at KROQ Weenie Fest 2011 (video below), the three oldest members Brett Gurewitz, Jay Bentley and frontman Greg Graffin talk about the nostalgia of the latest video Wrong Way Kids, with Graffin concluding the interview by mentioning that “at the end of this summer we’re hopefully going in the studio again next year to put out a record”.

Graffin gave a hint around a month ago that the next album could be the last for the band, telling punters at a Boston show that “After this year you probably won’t be seeing much more of us. We’re going to try one more album and then all join the navy, do honest work.” With over 30 years of touring and album releases, it seems pretty fair that it might be time to think about their other projects musical and non-musical.

Bad Religion will be on the Soundwave Revolution line up in September. Tickets are on sale now.

Interview at KROQ 2011

Bad Religion – Wrong Way Kids

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