Bands Grant Metal Fan’s Wish, Scatter His Ashes Over The Mosh Pit

Dedicated music fans were stoked recently to learn that you could have your ashes pressed into a vinyl. Well, metal fans now seem to have a far more metal option. A Chicago metal fan has had his dying wish granted by not one, but two of his favourite bands – to have his ashes scattered on their stages.

Prior to belting out their fan favourite Antichristian Phenomenon, Behemoth paused during their April 29th show in Chicago with vocalist Adam Nergal Darski, raising a test tube to the sky before announcing, “I have never done this before. Our friend and massive Behemoth fan; his name was Nick. All I’ve got to say is, wherever you are, rest in peace, my friend,” before pouring out the ashes contained within.

The moment was caught on video thanks to Loudwire, and despite what it sounds like, appears to be a very touching moment.

Earlier that week, Dying Fetus also came into down, taking to Facebook to reveal their situation. “A Dying Fetus fan named Nick from Illinois recently passed away, and his wishes were to have his ashes scattered on stage at a Dying Fetus show, what do you think, should we do it?”

They returned to Facebook post-show to reveal they should and in fact, did. “We just scattered Nick’s ashes in the pit for his favourite song, Homicidal Retribution, may he rest in the pit”.

To ask Darski to do something so metal and have him respond “I’ve not done this before” means it’s probably the most metal thing ever conceived. No doubt Nick is happy with his final resting place.

WATCH: Behemoth scatter fans ashes before Antichristian Phenomenon

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