Baroness Slam Sexist Behaviour, Disavow Fan Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Reviewer

Baroness have posted a long and outraged Facebook message to a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a female concertgoer at a recent Baroness gig in Birmingham, UK.

Rosie Solomon of Redbrick Music attended the show as a reviewer, and, after a horrible night of being gyrated on and followed around by a male punter, wrote a piece titled This Is Not A Review about her harrowing experience. Baroness posted her article to their Facebook page.

Solomon’s piece read, “The man behind me was pushing into me in time with the music, but we were all jumping and bouncing and dancing and so I continued to think nothing of it. Until I looked around and I saw that he had plenty of space, and was deliberately thrusting his groin into my leg from behind.” Solomon said the man continued to do this and make lewd comments to her until she reported him to security.

“I was shocked more than anything,” said Solomon, “surely I can go to a metal concert and expect not to be perved on? I jumped at the chance to write about my favourite band… I never thought I’d end the night in a police station. But then again, no one ever expects sexual assault.”

Baroness said in their long Facebook post that they were, “embarrassed and disturbed that Rosie (or anyone, for that matter) could have had such a terrible experience at one of our shows… we felt immediately compelled to react.”

They said, “The man detailed in this article, whoever you are, if you read this post, stay the fuck away from Baroness and our audience. We don’t need you at our show, we don’t want you in our audience.”

This is the WORST review we’ve ever gotten (WE WANT YOU TO READ IT!). I hope we never read another article like this….

Posted by Baroness on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Watch: Baroness, Shock Me

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