Beach House Are Releasing Another New Album Next Week, Two Months After The Last

If you’re busy spinning Beach House‘s fifth album Depression Cherry in preparation for Laneway Festival, you’re going to have a new one to brush up on next week.

Depression Cherry was ony released in August but the Baltimore duo have taken to Twitter to announce that their sixth LP Thank Your Lucky Stars will be out 16th October.

“We are very excited, it’s an album being released the way we want. It’s not a companion to depression cherry or a surprise or b-sides,” they wrote.

We waited three years for a follow-up after their fourth record Bloom, so this quick turn around is uncharacteristic and comes as a shock to most even in a musical climate where surprise releases are almost conventional.

It’s not a surprise to everybody though, as Stereogum pointed out. Earlier in the week Reddit users noticed that the URL for their Depression Cherry website had changed to They then found, on a page that has now been blocked, lyrics for unreleased tracks and photos. They also managed to dig out what they suspect is the tracklisting to the record which can be soon below.

Next Friday all will be revealed when the album is released digitally and on vinyl. A CD release will follow soon after.

Beach House will play St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival at the beginning of next year.

We are happy to announce that "Thank Your Lucky Stars" is coming out on vinyl and digitally on October 16th!

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Suspected Thank Your Lucky Stars tracklist:

1. Marjorette

2. She’s So Lovely

3. All Your Yeahs

4. One Thing

5. Common Girl

6. The Traveller

7. Elegy To The Void

8. Rough Song

9. Somewhere Tonight

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