Behold Neil Finn And Liam Finn Wrestling Each Other, In Their Undies

It’s the video you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for. Perhaps as a method to settle family scores, perhaps merely for exercise – whatever the reason, the best part of your day has arrived, in the form of a video showing music legend Neil Finn and his muso son Liam Finn wrestling each other in their undies.

The video, entitled Wrestle With Dad, is actually the accompanying clip to Liam Finn’s 2014 song of the same title, and features three minutes of glorious footage of the young Finn and his, in-shape, pa exchanging some pretty intense blows, whilst decked out in their matching striped trunks.

Perhaps a literal, yet tongue-in-cheek, interpretation of a song about going through life as the son of a music hero? Eh, don’t think about it too much. Just enjoy.

Liam Finn’s third album, The Nihilist, is out now.

Watch: Liam Finn – Wrestle With Dad

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