Ben Folds Gives Clues On New ‘Ben Folds Five’ Album

Ben Folds has given fans an insight into the new Ben Folds Five record – the first record from the band since 1999.

Folds spread the news via a lengthy Facebook post describing some of the songs and his working relationship with his reunited bandmates, Robert Sledge and Darren Jessee. reports that Folds said the trio began recording in January but missed their deadline for finishing the record.

“We’ll get back together in June,” he wrote.

“We kinda f—ed up. We meant to finish the album and then do gigs. But we’re doing a few festivals and will be paddling ferociously between those gigs to finish our album. That’s alright. Deadlines are good.”

The Brick hitmaker added that the creative process behind the record was a rich one.

“Lyrically, it began to take shape quickly and we were much richer in ideas and material than any of the [other] albums we did together. We were supporting each other, trying each idea instead of poo poo-ing each other’s creativity.”

Folds went on to mention that the album will most likely be released in September – but it will be done quietly with lots of advance promotion beforehand.

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