Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Fake Movie Trailer Is Kind Of A Circle Jerk

Jay Z and Beyoncé want you to remember that they’re still cool and very much love. That’s the vibe wafting from this overcooked trailer from the power couple, released in the lead up to their co-headlining US stadium tour dubbed On The Run.

Jayoncé have hit the rolodex hard for this preview of a “coming never” film called Run, booking high-profile actorly mates like Don Cheadle, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Penn and Blake Lively in an attempt at bringing some cred to the table.

Cred will only get you so far, though, and without an actual film to actually preview the talent is reduced to reciting cliches, which give a vague impression of some sort of slick drugs and guns flick but ultimately ends up feeling hollow and confusing. But at least they’re putting on their Bonnie and Clyde hats because guys remember that song they did? GUYS? REMEMBER?

If we were more cynical we might say this trailer removes a little of the heat from last week’s Solange Knowles street justice incident. In truth it kind of seems likes everyone stopped caring about that as soon as the elevator doors shut.

Guys we still love you, but what’s the point of this again? Oh. Tour. Right. Well, that will be pretty great.

Watch: Jay-Z & Beyonce Run Trailer

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