Beyoncé Rips Off Earring In Concert And For Some Reason Her Fans Are Now Cutting Their Ears

Beyoncé performed as part of a TIDAL charity event in Brooklyn this weekend and had a little mishap when she ripped her earring off.

It caused her ear to bleed but like a true pro, she carried on like nothing was wrong and now her fans feel like they have to reward her in some way.

Their idea? Cutting their own ears.

#CutForBeyonce has actually become a hashtag on Twitter and while some are making a joke of it, some hardcore fans are actually cutting their ears for Bey.

We’re entirely sure that Beyoncé would not condone this because it’s on a Van Gogh level of weird but the sentiment is sweet in some kind of weird way.

What happened to fans showing their love for musicians by putting a poster on their bedroom wall? 2016, ey.

Watch the footage of Bey cutting her ear and a few of the #CutForBeyonce tweets.

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