‘Big ABBA Fan’ Dave Grohl Would Be Open To Drumming For Iconic Group

Dave Grohl is a bit of an ABBA stan, he revealed in a new interview this week. And apparently, if the Swedish group are looking for a drummer to help out at any point, they can give him a call.

Grohl, who had a chat with BBC News this week, opened up on his thoughts about ABBA’s recent comeback and their new music in particular. ABBA, who are preparing for their much anticipated ‘ABBA Voyage’ virtual tour in 2022, surprised and delighted fans with two new singles in ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ and ‘I Still Have Faith In You’.

In the interview, the Foo Fighters frontman says he ‘cried like a baby’ when he listened to the new ABBA music.

“When I saw that they were coming back and they had a record, I shot that link to 100 people I knew,” Grohl said. “[I] then listened to the new song and wept like a baby. I cried like a baby. Oh man!”

“It almost sounded like time hadn’t passed. Plus, it was such a beautiful, romantic, melancholy, bittersweet retrospective.”

Listen to ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ by ABBA below.

And of course, when asked if he’d jump at the chance to perform with the group, even Grohl admits, “Listen, I will get up and play drums at the opening of an envelope. Show me a drum set and I will sit down to it. So yes, I would play with ABBA.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Grohl speaks about the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind, and his intentions for Foo Fighters as a group in their early days. Formed as a ‘continuation of life’ after Kurt Cobain’s death, Grohl says music and by extension, Foo Fighters, saved his own life.

“When Kurt died, it turned our world upside down. It’s hard to imagine life going on.” he said.

“Someone actually sent me this card after he died that said, “I know you don’t feel like playing music now. But you will. And it’ll save your life.” And although it didn’t click at the time, I finally came to this realisation that I was fortunate to be alive, so I should probably take advantage of that by doing the one thing that I love to do – playing music. And it saved me.

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