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Bill Murray & Miley Cyrus Record Christmas Duet, Are Now BFFs

Written by Tom Williams on July 10, 2015

American screen legend Bill Murray has come out in support of Miley Cyrus, defending her against haters, confirming they’ve recorded a Christmas duet together and even signing her name on a fan’s forehead during Comic-Con 2015.

As The Daily Beast reports, Murray took part in an hour-long discussion with 6,000 fans at the annual San Diego event on Thursday, and was momentarily soundtracked by Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water — because why not?

In his chat, Murray defended the talents of Cyrus, who has taped a guest appearance on his upcoming Netflix Christmas special.

“I’m gonna say this officially: Miley Cyrus is good,” Murray told the Comic-Con crowd. “Miley Cyrus is really fuckin’ good. She can really sing.

“I just thought she was a knucklehead crazy girl, the kind of girl you want to go on a road trip with who didn’t have ID or something, but she can really sing. So I don’t want to hear any more bad rapping on Miley Cyrus, okay?”

In an interview with MTV (below), Murray later said that he and Cyrus have recorded a duet of the song Let It Snow for his Christmas special, with Cyrus also having sung and recorded a version of Silent Night.

“People say things — ‘Miley Cyrus, she can’t sing. It’s all done by auto-tune.’ There is no auto-tune,” Murray said. “There is no auto-tune at all… She has real power.”

Murray’s comments come a day after he signed Cyrus’ name in permanent marker onto the forehead of a very trusting fan. Footage of the brilliant encounter can be viewed in all its glory, below.

Returning the love on Facebook, Cyrus has posted a photoshopped image of herself with Murray’s name on her forehead (below) and said, “Bad a$$!!!! Bill fucking Murray.”

Adding to his rock and roll credentials, Murray was actually at Comic-Con to promote his upcoming comedy film Rock The Kasbah, in which he plays a washed-up music manager who discovers a young Afghan woman with an amazing voice, before helping her towards a big break on a television talent show.

“I’m rock and roll,” Murray told the crowd. “That’s what I am.”

Amen to that.

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Now this is something we didn't see coming! At Comic-Con this week legendary actor Bill Murray revealed himself to be…

Posted by Dainty Group on Thursday, 9 July 2015

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