Billy Corgan Has Denied That He Is Taylor Swift’s Father


Smashing Pumpkins‘ frontman Billy Corgan has taken to Instagram to address, in great length, that he is not Taylor Swift‘s father. You know, just in case you had any qualms.

In two separate Instagram posts, Corgan referenced a meme that’s been making the rounds comparing the faces of himself and Swift. You can kinda see the resemblance but it’s nothing that’d make you think they were father and daughter.

Alas, Corgan gave the answer to the question no-one asked.

“You have to love the Internets,” he began, before giving us a two-part answer that include such tidbits as “There is NO such person as ‘Billy Corgan'”, “the ‘Billy’ I speak of, the one who made records with SP and appeared on chat shows, was a creation”, “like an actor who’s been in a role so long (William Shatner as Captain Kirk)” and “You can keep Billy Corgan, he is dead.”

Somewhere in there is Corgan denying he is Swift’s father.

Feel free to read Corgan’s Instagram posts below. Let it be known, however, that Swift’s silence on the issue is deafening.

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