Billy Corgan Weighs In On Kurt Cobain Murder Conspiracy Theories

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has shared some rare insights into Kurt Cobain‘s tragic 1994 death.

Despite police twice ruling the Nirvana legend’s death a suicide (once immediately after-the-fact and again when the investigation was reopened in 2014), murder conspiracy theories centring on Cobain’s partner Courtney Love have continued to dog pop culture, even informing the 2015 documentary Soaked In Bleach.

Now, in a fresh interview, fellow grunge icon and Love’s ex-flame Corgan has revealed why he never plans to watch the controversial doco.

“A lot of people don’t know, I was sort of around for a lot of that stuff, so I know a lot of stuff I’ve never really talked about,” the Pumpkinhead explained to podcaster Joe Rogan (via Alternative Nation). “So for me watching that stuff is replaying something I don’t want to replay, and B. I know a lot of stuff is not based in fact because I was around for a lot of it, and nobody has ever talked to me about it.”

He continued: “I was around for the before, sort of during, and certainly a lot after, and I know a lot of stuff that I know is not in the public domain, so I go with what I know.”

It comes as Courtney Love is locked in a legal battle against top dog conspiracy theorist Richard Lee to stop Cobain’s death scene photos from being released to the public.

Watch the trailer for Soaked In Bleach below (but just FYI it got shite reviews).

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