Birds Robe Collective Go Crazy, Launching A Record Label, Two Albums and A National Tour.

Sydney’s favored sons of progressive and experimental music, The Birds Robe Collective have been real busy. Not only are these not for profit supporters of local prog kicking of Menagerie 2010, a festival spanning three months and 20 shows including over 100 different artists, including the launch of their record label Bird’s Robe Records on Oct 24th at The Excelsior Hotel, and a farewell show for GODSWOUNDS who are on the way to the US to record their debut album.

The label launch will also see the launch of Bird’s Robe Recrods maiden releases, Japanese band Vampillia’s debut EP Sppears as well as the inaugural outing of The Birds Robe Collaboration Band, the “Musodynamics” EP being the first in a series of collaborative recordings between Birds Robe artists featuring members of Squat Club, Squid, Fuji Collective, Pirate, The Bznzz and Slimey Things and was produced by Alex O’Toole of Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes.

Both releases will be available for free on the night of the launch so don’t miss out.

Anyway there is way too much going on to mention here so for more information visit

Tour dates below, get ready

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BIRD’S ROBE PRESENTS… the following shows:

Oct 19th – MENAGERIE @ Sandringham Hotel, Newtown feat. Violence in Action + 10K Free Men + Abortifacient + Vicious Cyclist + Pipe Dreamer

Oct 20th – MENAGERIE @ Gaelic Theatre, Surry Hills feat. Shanghai + Panzer Queen + Beaufields

Oct 21st – MENAGERIE @ Excelsior Hotel, Surry Hills feat. The Duchesses + Greenthief (QLD) + Three Wize Monkeys + Rockethead + tbc

Oct 22nd – MENAGERIE @ Candy’s Apartment, King’s Cross feat. Anubis + Solkyri + Grun + Dave Carr and the Fabulous Contraption

Oct 23rd – MENAGERIE @ Gaelic Theatre, Surry Hills. feat. Meniscus + Mish + Nikko (QLD) + more tbc

Oct 24th – MENAGERIE @ Excelsior Hotel, Surry Hills feat. Slimey Things + Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes + Pirate + Fuji Collective + The Bird’s Robe Collaboration Band + more tbc —> BIRD’S ROBE RECORDS OFFICIAL LAUNCH!

Oct 27th – Gaelic Theatre, Surry Hills feat. super FLORENCE jam

Oct 28th – MENAGERIE @ The Globe Theatre, Brisbane feat. The Re:enactment + Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes + Citizen Loud + aheadphonehome + more

Nov 6th – The Mumps @ Hermann’s Bar, Darlington w/Hazards of Swimming Naked + Solkyri + more

Nov 7th – Excelsior Hotel, Surry Hills feat. LAN Party + more

Nov 11th – Pony Bar, Melbourne feat. Dive into Ruin + The Single Men’s Drinking Club + more

Nov 12th – Espy, Melbourne

Nov 13th – Espy Basement, Melbourne feat. tbc + Pirate + Silo + Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes

Nov 18th – EXcelsior Hotel, Surry Hills feat. Bright Quito Spring + more

Nov 19th – feat. Dead Letter Opener (QLD) + Mechanical Black + Mish + more

Nov 20th – The Wall (The Bald Faced Stag) feat. GODSWOUNDS FAREWELL SHOW + Slimey Things + The Kidney Thieves + 10K Free Men + more

Nov 21st – Hermann’s Bar, Darlington feat. Brackets + TKT + CKATA + more

Nov 26th – Gaelic Theatre, Surry Hills feat. super FLORENCE jam

Nov 27th – Globe Theatre, Brisbane feat. The Kidney Thieves + Tin Can Radio + Pirate + Slimey Things + Greenthief

Dec 2nd – tba

Dec 3rd – tba

Dec 4th – Revolver, Melbourne feat. Toehider (acoustic) + Slimey Things + more

Dec 15th – Sandringham Hotel feat. 10k Free Men + Toy Death + Godinpants + more

Dec 17th – Revolver, Melbourne feat. Chico Flash + An Easier Question + more

Dec 18th – Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne

Dec 18th – Bald Faced Stag – XMAS PARTY!

+ Captain Stu Band (South Africa) 2011 Australian tour and more!

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