Blink-182 Postpone Shows After Travis Barker Reveals He Is Suffering With Blood Clots

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has been diagnosed with blood clots in his arms, meaning the band have had to postpone some of their Las Vegas residency shows for the moment.

The band released a statement on Twitter addressing Barker’s condition. “Friends, Travis Barker is suffering from blood clots in both arms and unfortunately cannot perform until cleared to do so by his medical team,” the statement reads. “The situation is currently being closely monitored.”

“Due to this situation it is with great regret that the Blink-182 ‘Kings Of The Weekend’ Las Vegas residency dates this weekend must be rescheduled.”

Barker also took to Twitter to say that he also has being diagnosed with a staph infection. “Blood clots in both arms and a staff infection wasn’t the news I was hoping for,” Barker said. “I’ll be back soon, thanks for all the love & prayers.”

Read both statements below.

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