Blink 182 Tease New Track ‘Built This Pool’ Off Forthcoming Album ‘California’

Blink 182 appear to be going full speed ahead now that they’ve announced their forthcoming Tom Delonge-free album California, dropping two tasty morsels off the record within 24-hours of each other. The latest is Built This Pool and sees the band dabble in their famed playful homoeroticism for the first time in years.

Coming in at a rather brief 17 seconds, it appears to be a teaser of a track rather than the whole thing, unless of course Built This Pool exists in the same quadrant of the Blink 182 universe as Family Reunion and Happy Holidays, You Bastard.

Much like its marginally older sibling, the polarising Bored To Death, Built This Pool puts Mark Hoppus front and centre where he sings with gusto: “I wanna see some naked dudes / That’s why I built this pool”.

Built This Pool was aired during the band’s appearance on KROQ and ends with a brief soundbite of Hoppus detailing, “If you can believe it, we wrote that song in, like, less than three days.”

Earlier in the week the band confirmed for us the Friday, July 1 release date of their forthcoming record California. The band’s usually enamoured (and above all patient) fanbase was split down the middle upon hearing the first new track but hey, we stuck around through Neighbourhoods, we’ll stick around through this.

LISTEN: Blink 182 – “Built This Pool”

WATCH: Blink 182 – Bored To Death (Lyric Video)

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