Blink 182 Turn To Fans For 20th Anniversary Commercial

In anticipation of their 20th year as a band, which coinsides with a massive European tour, pop punk legends Blink 182 have given their fans the opportunity to rise to the challenge of producing a commerical to commemorate the event.

The long and short of it has been posted on the band’s Official Facebook, but a statement issued by the band mentions: “For those of you that are not aware of the make a blink-182 commercial, please check out the following. All videos should be submitted by emailing us a YouTube video of your video.

You better work fast if you want to win blink-182 tickets for life; June 8th will be the cut off. Haha let’s call this a last minute contest.”

The top 5 will be determined by the band and posted on the YouTube Channel. The winner will then be decided based on number of views, number of likes, and the band’s personal choice.

By the looks of some of the entrants we’ve seen so far, the competition isn’t exactly very stiff, but take a look at what’s been entered so far.

Still no word yet as to when we will be able to witness the greatness of Blink 182 live, though little birds have been chatting and we could be seeing them at Soundwave 2013.

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