Bliss N Eso Video Stuntman Shared Harrowing Photos Before His Death

Johann Ofner, the 28-year-old stuntman who was shot in the chest and killed on the set of a Bliss N Eso music video yesterday, shared a harrowing set of photos and videos on social media prior to his death, featuring some of the weapons which were being used in the video shoot.

Ofner shared a number of posts on his Instagram story yesterday, and they’re truly harrowing.

In one video, someone is seen placing a gun on a table, along with the caption, “Gun scene for Bliss N Eso.” In another, a case of guns can be seen, along with the caption, “Asian gangster props”.

The most harrowing image is of what appears to be a sawn off shotgun (the one Ofner was reportedly shot with), along with the caption, “Faulty props.” Other guns, fake money and poker chips are also seen on a table.

Ofner was shot during the video production at the Brooklyn Strand bar in central Brisbane about 2pm on Monday, and died shortly after being treated by paramedics.

Police are currently investigating what type of ammunition was being used during the video shoot. Detective Inspector Tom Armitt says the investigation is looking into whether the guns were legal, as well as whether or not live rounds were used on set.

Following Ofner’s passing, Bliss N Eso released a statement saying they were “upset and shaken up” by his death. The band were not at the Brooklyn Strand at the time of the shooting.

Ofner was soon to be featured on the Nine Network’s reality television show ‘Australian Ninja Warrior’.

View images from his Instagram story, below.

UPDATE 24/01/17 3.37pm: Bliss N Eso’s management have confirmed that the prop gun used in the incident was “loaded with blanks”.

UPDATE 25/01/17: Crowdfunding has raised $55K for Johann Ofner’s grieving family.

WARNING: Distressing Images

Johann Ofner Instagram Story Posts

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Johann Ofner instagram story screenshot 2

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Images: Instagram

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