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Image for Bloc Party Tease New Music With Creepy Ass TrailerBloc Party live in Sydney 2013 / Photo by Ashley Mar

Bloc Party Tease New Music With Creepy Ass Trailer

Written by Emmy Mack on May 27, 2015

Bloc Party recently let slip that they’ve started recording their fifth studio album, and now it seems the UK outfit have given fans a cryptic glance into what they’ve been cooking up.

In a bizarre 23-second video posted on their official Facebook page overnight, the band has offered a murky look at what could be the inner-sanctum of their recording studio, scored with jaunty piano music that bleeds into a psychedelic drum beat and finishes with an ominous shot of a graveyard.


Bloc Party posted the video with no explanation as to what it was foreshadowing, but it’s not the only question mark hanging over the band at the moment. The group is officially down two original members, since drummer Matt Tong departed in 2013 and bassist Gordon Moakes bowed out earlier this year.

Mystery surrounds the lineup who will be recording the indie rockers’ new album, but we’re sure all will be revealed in due course. Possibly via a series of cryptic Facebook videos.

bloc party meme2

We’ve of course already been introduced to one of the songs, called Exes, likely to find its way onto the new record, courtesy of a surprise acoustic performance of the work-in-progress track by frontman Kele Okereke while appearing on Australian radio earlier this year.

Bloc Party’s last album was 2012’s Four which was recorded following the band’s previous hiatus, which started in 2009. Check out the creepy trailer below.

Watch: Bloc Party Teaser Video

Posted by Bloc Party on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gallery: Bloc Party @ The Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 13/03/2013 / Photographed by Ashley Mar

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