Bluejuice Announce Third Album Company, Offer Free Teaser Track

Currently referring to themselves as the Bluejuice Consortium, and claiming to be “known world-wide as the most ethical, generous and unchangingly handsome of all the corporations,” Sydney’s favourite spasmodic hip hop/pop/funk/metal outfit Bluejuice have just announced the release of their third album Company, the band seemingly having not found a more solid grip on reality in the time between albums. Let’s just hope Jake doesn’t still think the inside of peanut butter is made up of negative space.

The new album has been described by the band as their strongest to date, with co-frontman Jake Stone commenting to various media that it is more consistent than their last effort the Head Of The Hawk, with the album managing to maintain the energy level of songs like the previous album’s hit single Broken Leg over the course of the run rather than in just some select songs. Having worked with a crack production team this time around, taking over BJB Studios in Surry Hills and enlisting the likes of producer Eric J Dubrowsky (Weezer) and Adrian Bushby (Muse, Kooks, New Order) who mixed the album, the album has been said to be a sign of the band maturing as musicians, although hopefully not too much as people.

Set for release on October 28th, the band have decided to offer fans a limited chance to download teaser track Cheap Trix from their facebook page. Only open for four weeks following the 22nd of August, be sure to get in to grab your copy asap.

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