Blunt Mag Will Cease Printing, Goes Fully Digital

Sad news as Blunt Magazine announced today it will stop printing the magazine and move to a new digital format in the form of

Publishing having been fighting a losing battle to digital over the past decade, the news is hardly surprising, and serves as yet another nail in the coffin of print journalism.

In a statement posted to their website editor Emily Swanson explained that Blunt have “spent the past four years expanding our online presence through social media, engaging with our fans and finding out what makes them tick,” suggesting the move had been considered for quite some time now.

While the site will attempt to bring the mag’s classic cover feature format over to the site with a Monthly Feature section, it’s clear that they are also looking to digital to expand. “In going digital, Blunt has never had more direct and instant access to its ever-growing audience,” Swanson said, highlighting that the mag is “super active on the platforms they [the fans] live and breathe – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.”

Indeed it is hard to work in publishing, digital or physical these days without having one foot, and the better part of a leg planted in the world online. As print publications continue to fold and digital news blossoms in our incredibly technologically literate culture, moves like this one seem inevitable.

Swanson feels that “with this transition we’ll be well placed to provide a distinct and committed service to our loyal demographic, while further adapting to meet our clients’ changing needs.”

For those of you wondering how the poster lift outs will transition though, never fear, as Blunt has announced that it will be keep that tradition alive, merging with Twisted Posters to form Blunt Posters.

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