Bon Scott Biopic Is Happening, Despite Band Objections

With comic book movies raking in millions upon millions for film studios, Hollywood is now seeking the next movie bubble to line their pockets and rock biopics could just be it. AC/DC frontman Bon Scott is the latest icon to get the biopic treatment, despite objections from Scott’s surviving bandmates.

According to film producer Rob Liotti, a cinematic portrayal of the hard-living frontman’s life will happen and he credits recent unauthorised biopics about the lives of iconic guitarist Jimi Hendrix and heavy metal veterans Judas Priest as helping to pave the way for Bon Scott: The Legend of AC/DC Unauthorised.

“The Hendrix and Priest films clear the way for this project,” Liotti told Brave Words about his passion project, which he’s long tried to actualise. “Although I felt confident all along. We have a First Amendment right to tell this story, and we have the ability to utilize the Fair Use Doctrine in assisting us to do so. We’re trying to educate the public about this guy’s life and tribulations. What the hell is the problem with that?”

According to Liotti, Scott’s former bandmates apparently have a big problem with “that”. As he notes, “The band’s lawyers went so far as to forbid me from speaking to ‘current or former members.’ Come on — they’re reaching. I talk to some of these people. There’s zero harm in that, let alone anything illegal.”

According to Liotti, whatever the band’s objections, he’s merely looking to pay tribute to Scott and to the band’s legacy. “With Malcolm Young’s departure in addition to Bon being deceased, the respect needs to flow both ways,” said the producer. “I fully support their artistic efforts — I expect the same in return.”

“We will simply keep pushing until we find the right production fit,” Liotti told the magazine. “We are prepping our package for some companies in our sights who are awaiting our material. Hell, I’ll go talk to Bill Murray. He lives five minutes away from me.” And he is adamant, “The film is going to happen.”

In the meantime, AC/DC are busy prepping the November release of their forthcoming 16th studio album, Rock or Bust. The band recently unveiled the first track to be officially taken from the highly anticipated new effort, Play Ball, which features Stevie Young filling in for his ailing uncle Malcolm on guitar.

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