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Bon Scott Documentary & Biopic In The Works

Written by Nastassia Baroni on December 24, 2014

Former AC/DC frontman Bon Scott will reportedly be the subject of two forthcoming film projects – the first a documentary that will explore his life from 1970 to 1974 and the second a biopic that will focus on his years in AC/DC.

Reports Billboard, the documentary Looking For Bon is due sometime in 2015 and will be narrated by actor David O’Hara (Braveheart, The Departed). As explained by executive producer Shemori BoShae, “The purpose of the documentary is to chronicle what was a very creative period for Bon from 1970 to 1974 and give the viewer an insight into a very creative period of Bon’s life and to enlighten all on just how great a singer he was before he joined ACDC.”

Meanwhile, according to Billboard, the late Australian journalist and music manager Vince Lovegrove, who was also a former bandmate of Scott’s in the pre-AC/DC band the Valentine’s, reportedly wrote a script for a Bon Scott biopic, which will also go into production next year.

The news follows reports from earlier this year that another biopic, Bon Scott: The Legend of AC/DC Unauthorised, spearheaded by film producer Rob Liotti was going ahead despite objections from Scott’s surviving bandmates.

Another one of Scott’s pre AC/DC bandmates Peter Head, of Mount Lofty Rangers, also shared with the publication some Bon Scott anecdotes and handwritten letters penned by the legendary rocker, while discussing what he hopes audiences will get out of the upcoming film projects.

“He’s just the most popular singer ever to come out of Australia,” says Head. “He just had something which no other Australian singer has ever had. I’m glad to see that people recognise him 40 years later. But I think Americans don’t really recognise him yet and I hope this documentary and movie might show a bit more of him than has been realised in the past.”

“The ’70s were just a special time in Australia at least, where there was a band on every corner in both Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and they were all playing original music,” he adds. “You just don’t get that anymore, you don’t get that anywhere in the world. It was a very special time, and very prolific time.”

He also reiterates recently unearthed rumours that Bon Scott visited two separate women in the same Melbourne maternity ward after both gave birth to his children. “On the day he went to visit the women they were unknown to each other, he kept it secret. But that there are at least two kids in Melbourne that are his sons,” he said.

Read Billboard’s entire interview with Head and see Bon Scott’s handwritten letters here.

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